eBay Contact Number: 0345 355 3229

Contact eBay by calling their customer care phone number 0345 355 3229 to launch a payment dispute, to complain about a misleading listing and to confirm if you have won a particular online auction.

eBay are one of the largest online retailers operate on a global scale, their online auction platform is hugely popular for customers to buy items at cheaper rates compared to the recommended retail price as well as for sellers to make a profit on their unwanted items. You should call their customer service contact number 0345 355 3229 for general enquiries about their auction platform as well as their “buy it now items”. Moreover you should phone this number if you want to launch a dispute if either you have purchased an item which hasn’t been sent by the seller or you have sold a product on the site which hasn’t been paid for by the auction winner. This is also their main technical support helpline, so if you would like to retract an accidental bid or if you have forgotten your login details for your account you can call their advisors on this helpline to rectify your issue. Finally you should call this helpline to make a complaint against eBay itself, for example you believe they have taken too much commission on a sale you made and if you suspect that they didn’t process a bid in time for you to win an item.

The eBay customer service helpline 0345 355 3229 is charged at national UK rates, which are equivalent to calling 01 or 02 local numbers. You will therefore pay your provider a time dependent per-minute fee as well as a call connection charge unless you have free inclusive minutes as part of your tariff, in which case you will be able to call eBay for free from your landline or mobile device.


Refund requests – 0800 358 6551

Phone eBay to request a refund by calling their freephone contact number 0800 358 6551 for free where you can get details on how to return an item to the original seller if it is defective or faulty. Please note this is also the main point of contact for sellers to get in touch with eBay if a customer has incorrectly given you a negative rating on your account which could affect your sales.


eBay UK phone numbers – to summarise

eBay department UK contact number
eBay customer care 0345 355 3229
Refund enquiries 0800 358 6551
eBay UK head office (London) 0208 605 3000
Fraud prevention 0800 358 6552